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About Luxury Rehab Finder

At Luxury Rehab Finder, we are devoted to helping people across India to find treatment and relief for addictions. We are aimed to provide the complete info of treatment providers in India and the world along with reliable resources to help you on the journey of recovery. We welcome thousands of visitors who come here with a hope to find someone who can help them dealing with addiction. We are the one-stop directory to search and list luxury de-addiction centers in India. If you have any query, feel free to let us know!

What do we do?

Bridging the gap between rehabs and their patients is what we do

For Centre Owners
Our directory consists of hundreds of luxury rehab centers across India. If you want to be one of them, feel free to fill the form below and get your centre listed.
What providers do we list?
We are dedicated to list all types of rehab centers in India. We also list rehab centers from different parts of the world where Indian clients can get treatment. Please contact us to know more.
Connect & Contribute
Join our Facebook page and stay in the know about the latest events and updates in our de-addiction centers in India and the world. If you want to share any inspirational thoughts or stories with us, we would be happy to know it and publish it on our blog.

Vision & Mission

We are envisioned to serve the de-addiction community and people who are finding it hard to deal with their addiction.

Our mission is to help people to connect with top rehab centers and professionals to find help and centers to help more and more victims of addiction.

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