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An Overview of Holistic Health

12 Apr 2022

Where does disease come from? And what can we do to combat it? These are questions people have been asking themselves for centuries, but looking for the answer for a solution has proven hard -until now. Holistic health (holistic healing), which is basically an alternative form of medicine that aims to promote and maintain our overall health, has finally shown us the way by taking a whole-body approach. Instead of focusing on finding medicine or treatment that will cure just one problem at once, holistic health seeks the necessary steps required to foster our body’s wellness in order to prevent problems before they start - this includes curing our physical ailments as well as keeping our mind and soul strong.

Your body is a holistic system, so why not get holistic healthcare? You might notice it helps you to improve your overall health and alleviate the symptoms of things like addiction, anxiety, trauma, depression, and stress. This can be useful for people who have family issues related to health as well as work-related problems and because of this reason holistic medicine is an integral part of the treatment program at the best luxury rehab centers in India.

Holistic healthcare involves looking at the whole body, mind, and soul to understand how all three are connected to help one's inner thoughts. It focuses on wellness by taking care of your emotional needs in order to maintain well-being. In turn, this can lead to improving your physical and mental health as it may help alleviate symptoms related to anxiety, addiction, emotional difficulties, and depression among many other common issues people face today [1], and is emphasized at luxury rehab centers in India.

In luxury rehabs in India, holistic practices aim to treat the underlying causes of disease to improve patients' general well-being. The top luxury rehabilitation center in India uses techniques such as meditation and yoga for stress management, acupuncture for pain relief, and hypnosis for improvement in mental health. The broad approach at the top luxury rehabs in India makes it adaptable to every patient and is not limited to any specific treatment plan. Holistic healthcare is a supportive method that can be used on its own or in conjunction with another type of treatment.

What Are Some Holistic Practices?

There are many holistic practices that focus on bettering the body, mind, and soul at top de-addiction centers in India. Although the best rehabs in India vary in their methods, they all try to promote a healthier lifestyle. Here are some examples of different ways you can use holistic health practices to have a more well-balanced life: [2]

  • Massage Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Breath Therapy
  • Meditation
  • Hypnosis
  • Aromatherapy
  • Herbal Therapy
  • Reiki Healing
  • Exercise Routines
  • Yoga & Tai Chi
  • Art & Music Therapy

Here we will cover some holistic healing techniques that you can use at home and even share with your friends. A holistic healthcare specialist would really be ideal to learn from, but there's no need to go out and find one, especially if they're not easily accessible in your area. What matters more than the location that you have access to when attempting to seek out treatment is the individual's amount of experience and understanding of all the different types of holistic healthcare available.

Being a holistic healer is more than just deciding to call yourself such. You need a degree of some kind in order to have credibility as much as possible and credibility is important when it comes to providing the best service you originally set out to provide. Luckily you can be trained in holistic healing if you don’t already have the proper credentials and certification, which means that just anyone can learn holistic healing techniques so long as they put in the work and effort necessary.

While it is important for people to seek different kinds of holistic health services, there are many ways in which these healthcare options can be categorized. The holistic approach to alternative healing means addressing the body, mind, and spirit simultaneously, [3] which is why it’s so vitally important to find someone who provides a holistic approach to medicine and will truly take on each patient as an individual; which is usually the case at top rehabilitation centers in India.

So how do you find a holistic healer that’s right for you? Try asking your medical professional, who may be able to give you some recommendations of their own. If, however, you want to go the extra mile in finding one on your own, try searching online instead. One way or another, making your decision is vital during this step because it might determine just how much relief you find after pursuing a certain line of action.

Alternative payments for holistic treatment are not dependent on insurance and health care plans. In cases where this type of treatment requires urgent or emergency attention, it may be covered by your regular health insurance; however, most of the time it is not. A holistic practitioner will usually be able to recommend you an emergency plan in order to treat whatever ails you with their help as soon as possible while still providing the ideal of service they so passionately practice.

To learn more about holistic healing, visit options of the best luxury rehab centers in India featured on

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AUTHOR- Dr. Danish Hussain (MBBS, MD Psychiatry, MIPS)

Dr. Danish received his M.D. Psychiatry and M.B.B.S. degrees from Rajiv Gandhi University of Medical Sciences (Bangalore, Karnataka). He has worked at the Manipal Multispecialty Hospitals Bangalore, following which has continued to undergo regular training from prestigious institutes from all over the world. Dr. Danish serves as Assistant Professor and Head of the Department of Psychiatry at AFSMS & RC and is a member of the Indian Psychiatric Society. Dr. Danish uses a holistic approach with his patients and brings his expertise to practice to treat varied behavioral health problems from Addiction disorders to Depression, Anxiety, Personality disorders, and OCD. Dr. Danish’s goal is to educate and inform the public on addiction issues and help those in need of treatment find the best option for them. And with this being his consistent vision, he believes in de-stigmatizing the field of addiction psychiatry and rehabilitation center treatment in India and has been managing and working at a licensed dual-diagnosis facility in New Delhi. Through his contributions to Luxury Rehab Finder, he aims at providing licensed, professional rehabilitative care choices to patients and their families.

REVIEWED BY- Gauri Kapoor (Addiction Recovery Counselor)

Gauri Kapoor embarked on her journey into sobriety 7 years ago, which led her to her current career path as a Certified Professional Addiction Recovery Coach in Delhi, India. She works closely with facilities that provide residential addiction treatment such as 12-Step programs and other nonprofits to help individuals deal with their addiction.

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