Crystal Meth – The World Most Dangerous Drugs

21 Aug 2020

Crystal Meth or Methamphetamine can be noticed with its shiny blue rocks or crystal clear chunks which are also known as glass or ice. It is a widely used party drug which can be smoked with a little glass pipe, or injected into the vein, swallowed or snorted. It gives an instant rush of euphoria but it leads to severe mental health issues.

The Origin

It is an artificial stimulant which has been used since World War II when soldiers used it to stay awake. It was also used to avoid depression and to lose weight. These days, a tablet to treat ADHD and obesity is the only legal meth available. It is a prescription medicine and is used rarely. Pseudoephedrine is an ingredient found in a lot of cold medicines used in manufacturing crystal meth.

How does it feel?

Meth causes the rush which is so intense that many people get hooked just from the very beginning. It floods dopamine into different parts of the brain which controls the feeling of pleasure. It also boosts energy and confidence in people. It can quickly make anyone so addicted that he just does anything but get the same rush again. A person builds tolerance once he keeps using it. In order to get the same rush, an addicted person needs higher doses than before. Higher doses lead to higher risks.


  • Sometimes body temperature goes so high that a consumer simply passes out or dies.
  • It causes confusion and anxiety, inability to sleep, violence and mood swings.
  • A user may age faster as it changes the look drastically. He develops pimples and sores which are not easy to heal, his skin may become dull, and have rotting, broken or stained teeth, and have a dry mouth.
  • It can also make anyone paranoid. It causes hallucinations. You might feel like you are hurting others or yourself. It makes you feel as if insects are crawling under and on your skin.
  • It also increases the risk of developing HIV/AIDS. It reduces inhibitions and affects judgment. A person under this drug’s influence may never know but engage in activities that can risk his life.

Signs of Meth Influence

Here are some of the signs you may notice in person who is taking meth –

  • Not giving attention to their own grooming or personal appearance
  • Picking at skin or hair obsessively
  • Weight loss and loss of appetite
  • Rapid eye movement and dilated pupils
  • Staying up for several weeks or sleeping for several days
  • Erratic, jerky movements like exaggerated behavior and talking constantly
  • Mood swings or outbursts
  • Stealing, selling belongings and borrowing money more often to buy drugs
  • Hallucinations, paranoia and other psychotic behaviors


One of the hardest to treat drug addictions is addiction to Methamphetamine. But treatment is possible. If your friend or loved one is addicted to crystal meth, don’t go and help yourself. It could be risky for you. It is better to call the professional drug and alcohol rehab centre in India or counselor. Luxury Rehab Finder is the best source to find the best drug treatment program in your area.

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