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Top 10 Luxury Rehab Centers in India

15 Jul 2020

Rehab facility comes up as one of the best solutions for addiction treatment. A residential rehab is an alcohol and/or drug de-addiction plan which provides intensive care and support to addicts. Rehabs have been around for a long time but they always had a stigma. These days, people have been more focused on well being instead of people’s thinking. In addition, rehab facilities have evolved on their own.

Modern rehab centers are more than just brick and mortar rooms. They have been focused on holistic treatment, overall well being and self-improvement by providing modern facilities like spas, pools, lush greens, etc. The key here is to make you feel comfortable instead of putting pressure. Luxury rehab centers provide treatment away from the chaos of city life with a homely feeling. Here are some of the best luxury rehabs centers in India.

1. Sanctum Wellness

Sanctum is one of the best and lavish healing, wellness and rehab centers in India thanks to their innovative, progressive and internationally-acclaimed programs which are tailored for the needs of each individual. They are devoted to maintaining top treatment standards for every patient with process/substance limited addiction like smoking, drugs, alcohol, gaming, digital, or gambling, as well as behavioral issues like depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, eating disorders and personality disorders.

The internationally trained professionals at Sanctum Wellness are known to customize your treatment plan in your stay and keep on staying in touch even after treatment. They believe in holistic healing with intensive therapy, safe detox, recreational activities, mindfulness, yoga, art, music, and other therapies in retreat.

2. Alpha Healing Center

It is well renowned as the best and proven inpatient drug/alcohol deaddiction centers in Gujarat. Alpha offers proven and world-class holistic treatments for a great recovery experience from drug, alcohol and other types of addictions. It is a unique de-addiction and rehab center based in Vadodara. It specializes in offering best residential care to the people suffering from and getting recovery from addictions.

They are focused on holistic recovery unlike other drug rehabs and they combine it with evidence-based procedures. Holistic healing focuses on more than just addiction. It heals your body, mind and soul. They have well-trained practitioners to integrate different approaches. It involves the use of stress management techniques and self-learning to promote healthy diet and exercises and holistic healing.

3. Roar

This drug and alcohol rehab center has state-of-the-art facilities and teams to meet the needs of different patients from across the nation. They have specialized caretakers, doctors, and psychologists. They engage their patients in different activities like meditation, yoga, group discussions, chanting, and medical seminars to make them calm, relax and quiet.

They focus on holistic growth of patients and prolonged recovery. They provide indoor and outdoor activities to patients to get a break from their boring routine. They are known for around 99% success rate.

4.Safe House

Safe House Wellness Retreat provides a lot of counseling sessions like group therapy, individual therapy, and treatment planning as per the type and nature of problem. They are known to have skilled professionals to stay ahead with most effective and latest care and provide best treatment to clients. Safe House is well known as one of the best and reliable de-addiction centers in Delhi. It is known to have skilled professionals, psychiatrists, qualified counselors, psychologists, and general practitioners with years of experience in their own fields. They have well-trained staff to achieve sustainable and long-term recovery.

5. Tulasi Healthcare

Tulasi Healthcare is a lavish rehab center in Delhi. It provides addiction treatment and cures a lot of mental disorders in all of its four branches. They offer a range of behavioral therapy, medication, and counseling and support groups. It has lavish settings in their residential settings. They are well regarded for luxurious interiors and arrangements to make you feel at home. They have a well laid out dining and sitting area, attached bathrooms, well-equipped kitchens, and recreational space to make any patient feel comfortable.

6. Phoenix Foundation India

Based in Hyderabad, Phoenix Foundation India is well regarded as one of the best lavish rehab centers in India to deal with behavioral addiction and substance abuse. They provide treatment courses including rational emotive therapy, cognitive therapy and several de-addiction methods. They have a WHO-approved 12-step program to treat addiction. The main benefit is their infrastructure. They provide around 25 AC rooms to choose from. They have a variety of recreational halls and seminars as well as facilities like a pool and gym where one can relax and workout.

7. Cadabam’s Amitha

This Bangalore-based facility offers both short-term and long-term rehab treatments for addiction. This lavish rehab facility offers group, individual, and family therapy. They follow a 12-step treatment program aimed to improve the quality of living of patients. It offers single cottages and rooms, activity area, well-equipped kitchen, and recreational rooms like library.

8. Om Beach Resort

This luxury rehab is more of a lavish resort rather than a rehab center to provide a setting like a paradise. It provides natural healing therapies instead of medicine based. They provide Ayurveda treatment to cure alcohol addiction.

9. Pioneer Rehabilitation Center

It is a luxury rehab center known for holistic healing to escape the addiction cycle. They offer services like pre-rehabilitation, rehabilitation, detox, and counseling. They offer behavioral counseling and they have a kitchen, spacious rooms, and dining rooms. They provide recreational rooms and ample spaces to rejuvenate and enjoy activities along with therapy.

10. Anatta

One of the top rehab centers in India, Anatta offers a lot of recovery options through non-medical, residential approaches specializing in alternative programs in order to live life without dependence on any substance. Anatta has joined hands with leading counselors, physicians and healthcare pros that help in recovery of patients.


Different rehab programs and centers provide different benefits. You need to choose the rehab center which is best suited to you. This is the reason Luxury Rehab Finder is here. You can choose from different ranges of luxury rehabs based on your convenience, budget, location, treatment options, and amenities you need.

At Luxury Rehab Finder, we have a compilation of top luxury rehabs in Punjab and Delhi. We list each rehab center which provides best and holistic care to the patients. If you are looking for the best rehabs India, we can get it done for you.

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