Drugs and Alcohol De-Addiction in India – How to Choose the Best Facility?

24 Jul 2020
What makes a rehab center best? As you know, every rehab center seems to be the best and offer something that you can’t find anywhere else. The thing is you need to choose the rehab center considering certain criteria like their success rates, authenticity, their expertise, and many more factors.

Whether you choose to find out the best rehab facility on your own or with the help of a professional, the key here is to investigate. But remember, there is always a third opinion. At Luxury Rehab Finder, we are aimed to choose the top rated rehab centers in India for you. To ensure a high success rate for your program, we ensure choosing the rehab center which has nothing to hide from you. Our passion for helping the people suffering from their substance use disorders is what motivated us to start this platform. We are the leading marketplace portal where we list no one but the best rehab centers pan India.

While choosing the alcohol and drug de-addiction centers in India, we consider the following factors -


It is the first and foremost consideration when choosing an alcohol rehab in India. Choose the center with experience to treat your existing and specific disorders. The psychological and physical effects vary on substance. To ensure the expertise of your selected treatment center, check the accreditation of the facility and its staff. Ensure they have the right credentials and license before investing your time and money in a specific facility.

Study Doctors

Make sure that you have professionals for different types of psychological and physical disorders. It is especially important when you are getting treatment for your substance use disorder. They should have well-trained and internationally acclaimed doctors.

Visit Rehab Centre

It is even better to check the ground reality of a concerned rehab facility. Check how their staff is operating and what kinds of facilities they are actually offering. Are they providing the exact same treatments and therapies that they have mentioned on their website?

Their Success Rates

It is also important to ensure that you are getting the desired results after completing the treatment. What are the parameters of success according to them? Is it just about going through detox, some sessions and medication? There are some rehab centers which provide long programs which last until you get satisfied with the result. They should go the extra mile to help not only the patients, but also their families by improving their relationships.

Types of therapies

A lot of rehab centers provide individual and group counseling. You can choose from various traditional and non-traditional therapies. We have found many rehab facilities which provide holistic therapies like art, yoga, or music therapy, and family therapy. Choose the rehab considering all the options available for you.


How to choose the best rehab center?
Choose the rehab center which offers a comfortable, safe and healthy environment without any outside distractions, triggers or negative influences. They must have a well-organized support system with counselors and fellow patients encouraging in the process.

What to do if a rehab center is not suitable for me?
We recommend one thing if it happens to you. Just keep looking! Remember that the best rehab center pays proper attention to each client and offers a program that is perfectly tailored for them.

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